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If God created us to become god and eventually join together to be one entity with him.?

What would be the point of us being created, becoming gods, and joining together with him(who is actually genderless)? Would we think and create or just be one positive emotion? Why would God need us in the first place?


Salt. Water could make the grease spatter. Salt smothers it without spattering the grease or spreading the fire. Not only that, most grease fires start in the kitchen, where salt is usually handy.
Many things to keep in mind, but first is that this guy is very young and you will not be able to ride him for a number of years. While you have the opportunity for tons of ground work, which is the foundation for any good riding horse, are you going to be happy with a horse you can't ride for a long time? Physically he won't even be ready for endurance until the age of five. You would also need to make sure he has plenty of room to run where he is being boarded. A baby should never be stalled 24/7. If the barn owner has other youngsters, it's really a good idea for them to be together to allow socialization and the opportunity for tons of play. Arabs have a very high play drive. If everything works out for you and you end up buying this guy, try to find someone in your area who follows natural horsemanship and see about becoming an apprentice. Perhaps they will at least let you come and watch them while they're working horses. There are many trainers out there, but I would stay away from any but those who use true natural horsemanship and follow someone like John Lyons, Parelli, Anderson, or Mark Rashid. Good luck. Let me know what you decide!

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