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If there were a FIRE in your HOUSE, would THIS save you??

If a fire started and you ran to the bathroom and opened the shower water and sink water and just let it flow, would you be saved??(just wondering)


sometimes it depends on what gun
pieces of string keys to something or another old batteries which might still have some life in them odd bottles of paper and even stronger glue misplaced and generally blunt screw-drivers, scissors, etc reels of cotton and various sized needles paper-clips and note pads, odd plugs fuses buttons bows galore thimbles pens, pencils pencil sharpeners odd nails, drawing-pins, screws and staplers etc etc etc I'm using a degree of poetic licence/exaggeration - but since 1964 have 'moved house' some 7 times - going 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 bedroomed properties - and then back 3 - 2 - 1. Each move necessarily involved much expense, delays, hassle, losses and breakages - but one always kept a close eye on the little things - such as a piece of string or length of sellotape. Recently removed to a new abode - I have actually avoided a 'junk drawer, preferring to have several little boxes - for glues, pencils, plugs, paper-clips etc. Bugger is - I can't quite keep track of which box contains what - or whether I've mistakenly put the tape measure in with the cotton reels and pieces of string. : ((
If you look carefully at a building with lightning rods you will discover that the lightning rods and connections that bring the charge to ground are really a cage. This fully protects the building just a car (or airplane) around you would should it get struck by lightning.
If you are playing in the wilderness and wearing ghillie suits, why are you firing from 1000 feet? You are wasting shots. Wait until they are in range to shoot. If you use your ghillie suit right, you can wait for them to get close enuff to paint with a brush.

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