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If you could invent a device or process, to make life better or safer what would it be?

I have to do a school project and answer all these questions but have been thinking about this question the longest but I'm still stuck! help .


Iraq's chemical weapons program and it's use of those weapons against it's own people were specifically stated in the reasoning for removing Saddam from powerBut it's OK, you're a liberalnobody expects you to have any idea what you're talking about.
A new way of dealing with garbage or wasteI don't think the current process is efficient enoughI'd research all the processes in existence, some are very complicated and others are rudimentaryThere is improvement needed, it's not a very glamorous idea but one which effects whole countries Every city and state (in America at least) has a process for dealing with waste/garbageSome of these systems are outdated and others are state of the artMany companies exist which specialize in the implementation of whole systemsThe systems are actually quite complicated and multifacetedThey involve many different aspects, from garbage bins which may be wheelie-bin or plastic collected by hand or by an automated truck with crane arm and infra red sensors, so no one has to leave the vehicle to collect the garbageI was thinking how the systems themselves could be better, like everyone having a trash-compactor, this would cost too much money for the individual and thus the trash is better compacted collectivelyI don't know what type of new invention, like the crane arm, could make the problem of trash and garbage easier to deal withPerhaps a new system? Edit: I think if I could invent one thing to make life better it would be a replacement for fossil fuels, everyone will probably use this idea however.
Iraq's WMD's was one of the reason but it was very low on the listIt was the Dem's that harped on them especially when none were foundThe fear was a dirty nuke, out of Iraq, not a true nukeThe chemicals/biological fears were the larger ones by farHe had already used them on his own people, they found the heads capable of delivering them, the machines used to process them, the illegal missiles(by they way) to delivery them, traces of them in storage bunkers, basically everything but the chems themselves The parallels are the intelThe difference is, we learned through Iraq, that it isn't always accurateWith Iraq, the UN and the majority of the world, believed what we didWith Syria, they don'tIt makes sense to wait on the UN's conclusions as well as Russia'sThen move forward to control their use.

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