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If you're minor now, what are you planning to do when you turn 18?

My friend turned 18 yesterday so she went out and got a whole bunch of piercings without parental consent -_-Her parents weren't happy but they realize she is an adult now.BQ: How much longer until you turn 18?BQ2: Are you excited to turn 18?


You can buy studded tires for snow and ice but if the bus is available that may be a better choice on bad days..
I think you can use some kind of condensing unit to convert from vapor to liquid. Also, cold HCL is very less reactive than hot vapor.
No it is not safe. But you can do it. First make sure you have deep tread tires (like those on mountain bikes) as you need to get to the pavement. Check the tire tread for flexibility as the more flexible in the cold the better for traction. Examine your route and make changes to roads with less traffic and less maniac drivers. Go slow and watch for obstacles and people. Keep the chain lubed as the cold will stiffen so select a lubricant that works in the cold temps. Make sure you have the bike serviced and have all working parts properly lubricated before the snow hits. Of course wear good clothing but make it the thinsulate stuff as riding a bike is getting exercise and the exertion can cause sweating which will make you feel the cold fast.

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