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Is my weekly workout good?

Monday:( Bicep Abs) Dumbbell curls, Hammer curls, Barbell Curls, Side Planks, Flutter Kicks, 6 Inchs, Weighted Situps Tuesday: (Back) Pull-over, Bent over row, Dumbbell bent over rowsWenesday: (Chest Abs) Bench, Fly, Decline Pushups, Dumbell bench, Leg Spreads, Leg Raises, Planks, In-Out KicksThursday: RunFriday: (Triceps Abs) Skull Crusher ( Barbell Pullover) Pushups, Bench, Dips, Flutter Kicks, IN-Out Kicks, Planks


Landlord responsible, call the Fire Department they will send an inspector to check the fire extinguishers.
The vast majority of the sun's rays are in the visible spectrum. But there is still a substantial amount in both the UV and infrared. Here is the sun's spectrum: You can see that the peak is around the visible spectrum (that's no coincidence btw). However, there is still a lot in the infrared as you can see. As you said, reflective materials (particularly white) will reflect most of the visible spectrum. Since different wavelengths will reflect or transmit differently, you probably need a material that is highly reflective of infrared frequencies to keep those out as well (UV is probably less of a concern). Even so, you won't be able to keep all of the heat out just this way. Every time a photon hits the material, it will jiggle the material a little and so heat will escape during every collision (i.e. heat will slowly make it's way through the material and into your car). Obviously, if you had something mechanical that vented cool air around the car, this would keep it cool and you probably wouldn't need a shielding material anyway. It's possible that convection (i.e. a fan) would be enough to take the small amount of heat out (that your shielding material lets through).

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