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Is removing Americium from a Smoke Detector illegal?

I want to know if its illegal or not, websites won't give me straight answers.


what kind of furniture? Just call a professional carpet/upolsytery cleaner company. They will come out and clean it all right up. Oh by the way, bill your son for the mess. :O)
Flour would be explosive. How about baking soda?
If you're talking about a mobile home, I finally managed to squeeze the information out of my insurance agent, while complaining about my insurance premiums, that while mobile homes are no more likely than other houses to catch fire in the first place, they are more likely to be a total loss if they do burn. And they burn quick, partly because of their usually relatively open floor plans, partly because they are often small, and partly because of the materials used, though newer ones are far better made in that respect than old ones which might have had wood panelling, maybe, instead of drywall, or aluminum wiring. I'm sure they don't burn any faster than the small old houses of conventional construction in a community I used to live in, which could burn to the ground in half an hour, but there it is. And that quickness is dangerous to the inhabitants who have less time to get out. Should you worry? Everyone should worry about their house catching fire. Mobile or not, a house fire is no good. Since most house fires are caused by human carelessness of one kind or another, be aware of fire risks and do what you can to prevent dangerous situations. Keep fire extinguishers around the house, and have a fire plan.

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