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Is there a way to unlock a cell phone that has been locked with a password?

the cell phone is a Samsung Behold and the text messages are locked


The clothing was similar but the Greeks had simpler clothing and less of it (Greece was warmer and dryer than Rome and they weren't so flamboyant as Romans). For both men and women Greek clothes were made of single large rectangles of white cloth, linen for summer, wool for winter. Basically the rectangular strip of cloth would be laid out flat, a hole cut in the center for the persons head to go through and the cloth would then fall down their front in front and down their back in back. For men it went to the knees and a belt would be added round the waist, the sides would be held together with pins and clasps. Elite Greeks and on formal occasions would added a 'toga' a long bed sheet type cloth wrapped loosely around the waist/ torso, clasped with a pin and thrown over 1 shoulder and draped over an arm. Unlike Romans Greek togas and tunics were unadorned except for maybe a decorative small border around the hems. Women's clothing was the same except their starting piece of cloth would be longer so that when they put their head through it, it fell in front and back all the way to the ankles. The sides would be caught in folds and pinned/ clasped. Over this, they would then have a shawl like piece of cloth draped around the shoulders and falling down the front held with a clasp in center chest holding it together, and a toga like cloth wrapped around their hips and thrown over the shoulder, held with a clasp, pins where needed. Google 'ancient Greek clothing' for pics.
Don't just get all red and all white. Get a combination. Then you can mix and match depending if you are going to a home game or if you travel on the road, you can wear whatever jersey the 49ers are wearing for that game. Patrick Willis is arguably the best middle linebacker in the National Football League and he is signed with the team through 2016. Definitely make sure you get one of his. Tackle Joe Staley is a beast on the offensive line and is locked up through 2017. Michael Crabtree, their top wide receiver, is a stud and will be with the team for years to come. Make sure to get Vernon Davis and Aldon Smith jerseys as well. Smith is a free agent in a couple years but he will get a long term deal after the season he's having. Davis is a fan favorite. You aren't a 49ers fan unless his jersey is in your wardrobe.

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