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Kinda lame but new me? Help myabe?

Kinda want a new meBtw Im almost 12. I cant wear makeup. I have glasses. No contacts and no hair dying.1. Hair. Its So straight and dark brown , armpit lenght and A tad frizzy.What can i do to make it more exciting.2.CONFIDENCE!!!!!3. natrual pretty like facial masks face scrubs etc etc.PLUS super chapped lips. What works and what about baby lips. Does that work?4. CLOTHING!! I like laidback but pretty and really no restrictions here. I kinda like comfy. Im pretty fit I geuss i can run the mile in 9.49. But I like comfy. Cute stores good prices? And cute shoes. Sneakers.anything??? etc. Ps I like getting dressed up sometimes so.Thanks Love Yuhh!


What is your perscription? High Index is usually used when someone has a high perscription. If glasses are your primary corrective lense, the definately get the Anti-Reflective no matter what material you have your lenses made out of. You will notice a difference in clarity between the two materials. But if you're not willing to pay for High Index lenses, go for the basic Poly Carbonate over plastic. It's more scratch and shatter resistant.
If this were my vacuum cleaner, I would call the local company that sells and services them. It could be that the smell is coming from the electric motor. If there are no signs of the belt slipping, it may take a professional inspection of the components to determine the cause of the odor.

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