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laugh and learn potty chair?

the laugh and learn potty chair..is it worth the $30.00? when you flush the toliet what happens? thanks


is not worth. can't you teach your own baby how to do it? is it really soooo hard? omg parenting this days
Ugh Kelly...parenting is not so hard, we just wanna make it fun and enjoyable for our kids! Anywho, I bought a similar kind and my daughter (15 months) wants to play more thanuse it. I still get her to try, but she likes sitting on the toilet that she sees all of us use. I actually read reviews and ppl said they didn't like that one much cos it wouldn't work properly and it was more of a toy than trying to go pee. HOpe that helps.
although my kids are older, i say what ever the cost is to help potty train your child be the first one in line to buy it! also, i find that no matter what kind of potty chair you buy kids will always play with it first as a toy. they will eventually understand what it is really used for, just have patience.

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