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Leaking 3& copper drain pipe, what to do?

I have a section of 3 copper pipe that is tied into a drain in my house that appears to have worn away in three spots and is now leaking all over my garage. I was told to replace the entire drain section which is about 7ft of 3 copper pipe that ties into 2 2 drains. On the other side of this drain is another 2 pipe. Question is: should this be replaced with PVC and any idea of how much this would cost for a licensed plumber to fix?


i have tried the swivel sweeper and didnt like it. I have two dogs and it doesnt seem to help with the pet hair. I use the dirt devil broom vac and it is very good. it cost about 40 bucks at target. good luck
Well, based on the location of it in my state, I'd lock the doors, shift into reverse, and get the heck out of there immediately!
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