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Let's get a silver bullet trailer and have a baby boy, I'll safety pin his clothes all cool ?

you'll graffiti up his toysI've got a perfect body, but sometimes I forgetI've got a perfect body, 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.Name the song.


I am not a builder or a man, however I am terrified of fire and have always been. You cannot have too many smoke alarms. They are not at all hard to install , you can do it easily. However, do not climb in your condition, not for any reason. Buy them, put the batteries in, test them. You can simply put them up on a high shelf until he installs them. It is better than nothing. Anyone can install one of them. Have one in the room where your heat originates, one in the kitchen. You need one on each level of the house, and one in the hall way at the foot of the stairs. If you have a gas dryer, one there. You also need carbon monoxide detectors if you have gas heat. Now call your local fire department and ASK THEM for definite sure where to put your smoke alarms. They might come or send someone to help you. Call your gas company if they do not help. Tell them you are pregnant and your hubby is a very very busy man and no one else know how to do this, and you cannotThat is if your hubby does not find time right away to take care of this matter. Winter is coming on.
If you can smell exhaust in the cab even when you are driving down the road then you likely have an exhaust manifold gasket leak (with or without broken exhaust studs). The easiest way to locate an exhaust leak is to have someone cover their hand well to protect it from heat and cover the tailpipe with a few rags. This will increase the backpressure and cause the exaust to leak in a greater amount from the hole or bad gasket should one exist. If it is a true dual (each side of the vehicle is separate from manifold to tailpipe and the two sides never meet via a crossover pipe) you can do one side at a time, however if the two sides ever meet, however briefly, you will need to plug both tailpipes at once. Rags are good for this because they allow enough air to seep through to keep the vehicle running but block enough to make the leak obvious. Listen for the noise and inspect all of the manifold studs for breakage - if they are broken you will need a butterfly or angle style drill or die grinder to install a bit on and drill them out to replace them. If you find that there is no exhaust leak, you will have to look for something that would make your exhaust smell stronger and give the appearance of a leak. This is likely excessive fuel being dumped because exhaust smells strongest when the vehicle is running rich. You will need to do a power balance test to determine which cylinder(s) are the culprit and proceed with your diagnostics from there.
Not really. The thought often comes before the search on the internet. the internet doesn't tell us what to think just gives information, then we make our own decision. I enjoyed those lyrics. And just because today we spend time on the internet, doesn't mean that tomorrow the internet will still be here. Earth's resources are finite. The oil will run out. I wonder what they will make computers out of when there is no more petroleum for plastic? Recycled plastic? Wood and crystal? That is assuming that any trees can grow in the heat. I think we are all going to have to return to a more simple way of life - one that gives back to the earth, and cleanses the atomosphere. I'm preparing myself for that right now, and making steps towards it.

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