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Lift handle that releases hood broke off on Mercedes. What is this part called? Where to buy it?

This is the hood located inside the grill on the front of the car that you pull to lift up hood. It broke off. Now I cannot lift the hood at all. What is this part called? I want to try and buy the part online. Thanks in advance.


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I personally would buy it in person mainly because I want the identical part. Start looking at the Mercedes dealership in the parts department (and get a price base to work from). Personally, I would have thought that part was made out of steel.
It's usually called the 'hood release lever'. I've heard it called the 'hood release tongue' simply because it looks like the car is sticking out its tongue at you when it pops out. By the way, it's not intended to be used to lift the hood (that's the most common way to break it). It's only designed to release the safety catch behind the grille. To life the hood, either grab the hood itself or the grille. Personally I would just go to a Benz dealer to pick it up. You don't mention what year and model you have but for many Benz models, that lever is less than $10.00 and the more common ones will likely be carried in stock by the parts dept. By ordering it online, you may end up paying more by the time you include shipping costs with the price. BTW, it's still possible to release the hood with a broken lever. Just get something long and thin (a metal coat hanger works very well) to reach behind the grille and to pull the safety catch forward in order to release the hood.

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