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Light box alarm vs Box alarm?

What does it mean when the fire department say they have a light box alarm and sometime they say they have a full box alarm? What is the difference?


Yes and No. Yes, if you have full coverage. But you will have to pay the deductible first.
Probably - if you carry collision insurance. If you've lowered the car, however, they may deny your claim. We have no way of knowing what YOUR deductible is.
The deductible is whatever you (or your insurance agent) selected when you bought the policy. It is not the same amount for everyone who is with Nationwide (or any other insurance company). It is only covered if you have collision or full coverage. If you just have liability, then it is not covered.
Clothes - vests, tees, shorts, bathing suit, underwear, socks etc, also bring spare clothes like jeans in case. Towels. Suncream. Deodorant. Shampoo. Soap. Money.
If you can prove the collision with the speed bump caused the damage - it would be covered under your collision coverage. However, mechanical parts are subject to betterment so they would not pay the full cost of the replacement part. Additionally your deductible will apply. You selected your deductible so we don't know what it is. And this will be considered an at fault collision so expect your rates to go up. In the end, probably better to just pay out of pocket for the repair.

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