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Maximum allowable speed question in physics?

In an ore-mixing operation, a bucket full of ore is suspended froma traveling crane which moves along a stationary bridgeThebucket is to swing no more than 4 m horizontally when the craneis brought to a sudden stopDetermine the maximum allowablespeed v of the crane


When the crane suddenly stops the kinetic energy of the bucket will be converted to potential energy as it swings upAnd will make a angle where the opposite side of the triangle can not be greater than 4 metersWe know the hypotenuse will be 10 meters so sin A 0.4 A 23.58 degrees The height the bucket goes up is 10 - 10cos 23.58 0.835 meters 0.5mv^2 m(9.81)(0.835) v 4.05 m/s

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