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Memory Card readers question?

I bought a universal memory card reader for 2 types of cards I have. When I plug it into my computer and insert a card it sees new hardware but how do I access what is stored on my cards? I cannot figure out how to open or access my stored photos. I have tried everything. Please help!


Simple solution here's how I use Windows File Manager. Go to all programs or perhaps just your start button and look for the control panel. I have a control panel icon on my desktop because I access it all the time for photos. On the control panel icon - right click. You'll get a menu. Near the top of the menu you'll see explore. Click that and you'll get a screen that on the left, lists your drives and other devices. In the right you'll have all the control panel icons - for this purpose ignore all those icons. On the left screen, in the list of drives, you'll see something about a new drive, removable drive, or perhaps a drive that's been assigned a letter that's where you'll find your photos. Because, with a card reader, Windows sees it as a drive. Once in there you'll find your photos listed as files. Simply copy / paste to a folder on your hard drive and wala! If you need more help please email me, I'll be glad to walk you through the process if need be. Jim A
ideal SD and micro SD ought to all artwork high quality (offering you have the mSD adapter). besides the undeniable fact that some card readers are somewhat fussy with SDHCs, i've got had a minimum of two circumstances whilst the pc purely did not realize an SDHC card, to my extensive inflammation.

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