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Moving Natural Gas Line?

I am in the process of extending a natural gas line. The lines that exist appear to be galvanized (the house was built in the 1940s), yet I have a black pipe extension. I have two questions: 1) can black pipe sections/fittings be used interchangeably with the galvanized pipe that exists in my house?2) Can the galvanized fittings that I have removed (in order to put on the extension pipe) be reused for this black pipe extension (I have purchased threadlock)?


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They are usually called electrical safety gloves and have type 0 through 4, with type 4 going up to almost 40,000 volts. They also wear protective gloves over these to make sure the safety gloves don't get a small pin prick in them, or get damaged in any undetectable way, which would give the current a path to their hands.

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