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Multiple floors, one wireless router?

I'm planning to set up a wireless network here in our house for sharing of internet connection, and I'm thinking of buying a linksys wireless G router for it. The problem is I'm not sure if it can be used for multiple floors (our house has two floors). I've been told to use wireless N routers but those things cost triple


I suggest you go get an N router for better surfing.
if your house has two floor, I think you should choose wireless G router.
You need to go with an N router, look on OKorder to save some money.
The higher the frequency, the more the signals will bounce on the walls instead of going trough it ;) anyway. A normal access point has 30 meters range so i don't think it will be a problem.
Unless the floors are poured concrete, it should not be an issue. How do I know this? A g router works OK for my two story house. A niece has one in a two story house. Another niece has one in a three story house, and so does my employer. Edit: If it's true that the walls and floors of our house are made of poured concrete (not likely) then nothing is going to work for both floors.

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