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Mustang gt transmission oil leak?

Hey guys i need some help please cuz i live in a place far awar from any mechanic and i cant figure out which items or parts shall i get to fix thisCar is an automatic mustang gt 2006soo i have an oil leak here back side of the transmission


my heater fan blower thing outside has been making loud screeching noises. I'm guessing that you are talking about the compressor that sits outside the house/apartment. You probably have a worn out fan bearing . If I am guessing correctly there is not any chance that you have anything to fear from carbon monoxide. You do however have to call a repairman to fix/replace the fan.
Angel, you are in a photography forum. And Tennessee is a big state.
No heat no combustion no carbon monoxide. Close your windows, stay warm, and get it fixed. And a detector is a good investment.

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