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My 2 year old pulls all of her clothes out of her dresser drawers. . .?

I don't want to put child safety locks on them. I'm tired of arguing about it and picking up clothes. Should I just hang all of her clothes in the closet or just get used to clothes being on the floor. LOL.Any other suggestions?


Lead, iron, copper. Go with PVC replacement, its easy to do your self for drain and vent lines. If you have a torch, you can replace inlet water with copper piping if needed.
A lot of the time pipe fittings were put together with lead, If the joint looks like a ball, and is scratch-able with your finger, chances are good it is a lead joint.
Are you sure they are lead pipes and not galvanized steel. I also live in a 54 year old home that was bought by my parents and the water pipes that carry the water to the faucets are galvanized steel. You can call a plumber and they may be able to tell you what the pipes are made of, or you can contact the county you live in and find out what the construction codes were when this house was built. Even in the 50s they had regulations about materials that were used.
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most likely its lead or galvanized pipes. question for you is are they water pipes or drainage pipes. a picture would help out a lot too

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