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My Brother Wont Let Me Use The House Phone That's In His Room?

Even If Its Our Dad Calling HE Always Blocks The Door And Says Go Find The Other Phone Now I Lost The Other Phone And It's Dead And Wont Page. Now I Know I Shouldn't Have Lost The Phone But Im Not Here For A Life Lesson On The Importance On Not Losing Phones.Now He's 18 Im 13 And He Hits Me If He Gets Mad At His Video Game Or Something But How Can I Get The Phone In His Room Back


My Tinder ignited the bush - but luckily the wood was able to summon the proper amount of moisture to extinguish it in due time.
The first answer has the right idea. However, I had a Magmar that was below the level Magby evolves into it because in one of the games you can catch Magmars like that. Get Magmar before it's natural level and then evolve it into a Magmortar, cause Magmortar is one of the best fire types out there. If you don't want Magmortar then get Flareon cause that is a very good fire pokemon as well. Just for a hint, all of the Eevee evolutions are good for their specific type. It's actually good to have like 1 legendary so that you have a pokemon that can do high damage no matters what type, but if you don't want to get a legendary it's fine by me. Here is a list of very good fire types: Flareon Magmortar Arcanine Charizard Blaziken Houndoom(Doesn't survive very long, but it can kill at least 1 before it dies) Rotom(if you can change it to a fire type using that key thing. Also it's not considered a legendary) That's all I got. Charizard and Blaziken are very good especially since they can learn Blast Burn.

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