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My neighbor next door has a hyundai 4 door and her axle broke?

On her driver side the cv joint was clicking and it finally gave out. She has not got much money. Is this kinda hard to fix or easy. Can ayny one give me some easy directions I have a jack and some old tools. Thanking you ahead.


Remove the wheel, then the big nut holding the axle into the spindle.MAke sure the axle can now be pushed inboard fairly easily, or at the least spray penetrating lube onto it and tap it in as far as it will go. Remove whatever is holding the lower control arm to the spindle, usually a nut, or a nut and bolt, and pry the lower control arm down, freeing it from the spindle. Swing the spindle outbord, while tapping on the axle to free it completely from the spindle. Note how far into the transmission the inner cv joint goes. Now comes the hard [art-getting the axle out of the transmission-its held in by a spring-loaded c-clip, and usually has to be pryed/popped out of the tranmission by prying /tapping the inner cv joint housing. Installation is doing everything the reverse, just make sure that the new axle goes in AT LEAST as far into the transmission as the old one was. Not a real hard job-here in the shop the job avaerages about 20 minutes.
May 28, 2018
i just changed the one in my honda if its anything like that it was simple take the tire off . take the spindle nut off. take the arm loose. and take it loose from the ball bearing and the axle will slide right out. My axle didn't cost but 60 bucks and it was a whole lot easier than i thought you might have to rent the tool to take the spindle nut off. costed $50 but they give you that back when you take it back and there will also be a core charge on the axle.
May 28, 2018
Sometimes you need special tools to remove cv's, tools you'll have to order. Look around, you may be able to find someone who knows what they're doing to do it for $175, depending on your area.
May 28, 2018

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