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Need help machine/ technology questionim looking for a job/ process that used to take a lot of people to d?

then got replaced by an inefficient machine during industrial revolution and is now evovled into an efficient machine with little or no human interaction needed and later has the potential to not need any assistance from humans at allIts for a paper im trying to find an examplei was thinking about doing on regualr agriculture like a simple scythe to a huge tractor and so on but i was hoping to get maybe a better example if anyone can help.


Not sure how far back you want to go into historyThere are hundreds of examplesLet’s take a real simple one: War - yes, warIn the very old days (think bible, Romans, our war of Independence) then came machines like tanks and planes and bigger bombsIt now took less people to cause major damageIn today’s time, all it takes now is one person to push a button and the death of millions will soon happenFarming - it took less and less people to farm as time went onFrom horse drawn plows, to the steam powered tractors, and now with GPS a tractor can plow without anybody operatingMoving goods from one place to anotherA ship loaded with cargo arrives in portThe unloading was done by hand with the help of a pulley system, then came steam powered cranes, and now just about everything is shipped in those containersIt goes from the ship to truck or rail and on its wayHere is a good one: CommunicationsMany years ago the only way to communicate with somebody was to talk directly to them or via a messengerThe fastest that message could go was at the speed of a horseThen came steam trains, steam shipsTo get a message from New York to London still took a week or soThat letter could only go as fast as that shipThen along came the telegraph, but it still took a lot of human effort to relay that messageThen we had the phone and now we have E-mailOther than having to maintain the equipment, there is no real hard working human making it workIf you go to Japan for a vacation and you want to send your mom a letter or even a video of your fun time in Japan, then it all takes place in the blink of an eye with only you and your mom doing any work at all.

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