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Network connections in VM Ware?

Hello All,I have a base system Windows XP and I have installed VMWare workstation-5.5.3.build into itThere are Two OS namely Windows XP and RHEL5 [LINUX] is running as Virtual machinesNow I m having issues with their network connectionsI have set up a Bridged networking b/w themFollowing are my configurations:Base Windows XP - IP [2.1 is some other systm on network]VM-Machine 1 [Windows XP]- IP192.168.2.100GATEWAY192.168.2.2VM-Machine 2 [RHEL 5]- IP192.168.2.200GATEWAY192.168.2.2ISSUES:1I am NOT able to ping both the VM machine from my base machineSame for vice versa2I am able to ping VM-2 from VM-1 but not able to ping VM-1 from VM-2Please help me.


Since the connections are bridged, they need to use the same gateway as the host machine.

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