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New washing Machine , PIPE TO TAP PROBLEM?

I just bought a new Top loader LG washing machine from Game, but when I took it out of the box and wanted to connect it to my bathroom taps, I saw the pipes wont fit, as I dont have those thread taps. I went looking everywhere for those converters they illistrate in the manual but apparently you only get it overseas. Then I got told by Brights I have to buy two of those fittings that goes behind your sink on the pipe for R60 each and then I must get a plumber to install both. The problem is i am renting a small outdoor garden flat and i am sure the people I rent from wont let me do that plus a plumber costs alot and I am moving in 3 months , I just need to be able to find a solution for now any solutions anyone might have , would be greatly appreciated.


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Set the two 45 deg angles in place and measure between them allowing for how far the pipe sits into the 45 deg fittings. Cut to that length.
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