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okay I would like to know good sniping spots and tips in mw2?

I don't want to know what class and all that just good spots on different maps also what game modes are good for sniping and what maps pretty much any tips or pointers you may have


Quarry - up on top of the big building that is a great spot to cover half the map! Afghan - Inside the big cave/bunker you can cover the middle of the map with ease! Highrise - On top of the crane is a good one, the hole map is visible and its very hard for people to kill shoot you! Skidrow - Play sabotage on this map and camp in that small 2 storey building in the back corner, right next the truck, and you can cover every access spot that the enemy will use to try plant the bomb! Estate - on top of the boat shed is a good one if you know how to get up there! P.S just look for high ground its usually a good sniper spot, the key to be a good sniper is that you dont camp in the same spot for more than 3-4 kills, otherwise they will come and kill youso just move around the map slowly and try to stay the edges of the map also when move or changing spots have your secondary out, i prefer to use the pp2000 with silencer or FMJ!

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