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On the first floor, the best back to the water function is what kind of floor drain?

I live on the first floor, now use the submarine to leak, but still can not prevent the return of water. I would like to ask, what kind of floor drain in the first floor of the best anti-back water effect? Thank you


There are two kinds of water leakage and magnetic seal, anti-return to the magnetic seal the best effect. Because the first floor of the water pressure, water seal often can not withstand such a high pressure. It is recommended to use the magnetic seal of the floor drain. Do your home submarine leaks are sealed or sealed? Submarine their home products to promote the quality of life is guaranteed, there should be a direct question to the Advisory or return policy. So I suggest you go to find the submarine dealer, since the commitment is certainly responsible, so better than their own to change it.
Very core to leak. Unique gravity mechanical design, do not use the magnet seal spring and all other external forces, but the use of reverse gravity design, to achieve the effect of permanent sealing when not draining, never return to the water back,
Can be anti-overflow overflow of the floor there are many kinds of leakage, most of the publicity is placed in a cup over, which is anti-overflow Oh Oh who sewer water pressure is a glass of water pressure, the national standard anti-overflow pressure to In the 3 m water column pressure to be considered qualified.
Back to grams of ground floor drain, my family also before the water, where it went on, tired of sick, and later saw the ad went to the whole one, the effect is good
Still do not know there is better than the submarine leak

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