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other boot then cv axle 92 civic?

is there another component that is near the front wheels that is not a cv axle that has a boot?there is on on mine that is wore off but i dont think it is the cv or is it?


The axle is connected to the centre of the wheel via CVJ's There are 2 per axle, one near the wheel and one near the transaxle. Other steering connections may also have rubber boots on them when brand new.(mostly for show but the main purpose is to keep dirt out of the steering knuckles.- not that they are in the path of getting much in the way of splash up. Most of the time these are not that important as many domestic makes never had a covering, relying on the grease to keep the water out.
May 28, 2018
It could be the boot that is on the rack and pinion need more details if it on the part the steers your car then it's that
May 28, 2018

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