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panic attack or anxiety?

Im trying to figure out what is wrong with meHere lately I freak out over the smallest stuffExampleIn the mornings, I know if I leave my house 20 minutes before time to be at work I can be there on timeBut I freak out starting at 40 minutes before time to be at workIts like I lose control of myselfI get dizzy and just flipI don't know exactly what I do because its almost like I black outI always seem to think the worst about everythingI can't even drive without worrying the entire time that some other car is going to cause me to wreck.


Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressIt helps you cope with tense situationsIt also helps you focus on the task at hand and motivates youAlmost everyone experiences anxiety from time to timeTypically, anxiety goes away when the triggering event is resolvedHowever, anxiety is a problem when it becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations, such as riding an elevator or leaving your housePeople with anxiety disorder experience fear and worry that are out of proportion to the situationThese feelings are difficult to control and are more intense and last longer than normal feelings of anxietyFor instance, while it's normal to feel anxiety before public speaking, a person with anxiety disorder may consistently worry about speaking with small groups of people in everyday situationsBoth normal worry and anxiety may be associated with the following symptomsHowever, a person with anxiety disorder will experience these symptoms more frequently and intensely: Restlessness Fatigue Irritability and crankiness Muscle tension Headaches Sleep difficulties (unable to fall or stay asleep) Feelings of panic, such as sweating and shortness of breath If you find it difficult to control your worry or stress or if anxiety interferes with your daily activities, consult your doctor or a mental health professionalIf you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, effective treatment is available.

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