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papier mache mask problem?

Hi, i'm making a paper mache mask and i forgot to put plastic foil on the mold before applying the layers of paper machenow i am trying to separate the mold from the paper mache mask but is really difficultdoes anyone have any suggestions??thank you!!


You don't say what material you used for the form and that could make a difference If you can't just pry it up slowly with a butter or palette knife, etcfrom the edges, you might try heating those areas or the whole mask to soften the glue a little (if you used glue for your papier mache), then try working at it that way Some glues aren't permanent, so those might be softened by re-wetting the whole thing, the removing (then stuff newspaper/etc under the wet mask while it dries for support)Or try flexing the form repeatedly if it's a flexible material, to loosen parts of the mask from itAlternatively you could try freezing the mask first? (And never forget the plastic wrap or aluminum foil release again! g) Good luck, Diane B.

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