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Physics BCR!!! Please help me?!?

BCR: Venetian GrindsStudents in art class want to determine the amount of glass to mix with a red pigment to provide the most reflective surface.Design an investigation they could use to answer their question.Be sure to include:-the materials they should use.-the independent and dependent variables.-a procedure for them to follow.-data they could collect to help answer the question.-ways to help ensure the accuracy of their results.


not all cars have alarms, some just have a panick button, which is the button you were talking about. if your car does have an alarm you might have to push the lock button twice to activate it. i would try doing that then opening the door, if the alarm doesn't go off then chances are you don't have an alarm. if it does go off just push the unlock button to turn it off. i cant believe someone would break into your car at church of all places.
There are no mountain bikes that use caliper brakes, so perhaps you are calling them the wrong thing. Caliper brakes are mounted as a single unit through the frame (or fork) on a center bolt. The cable generally runs vertically and attaches to both arms. Road bikes use this style almost universally, and very cheap look alike bikes from discount stores have very cheap, almost unusable versions mounted. Most ATBs and mountain bikes have either cantilever or linear pull brakes. Cantis and LPs have each arm mounted on separate studs on the frame/fork. Cantis look a little like mini boomerangs held together with a V shaped cable that feeds into a main cable that goes to the lever. LPs have a single cable that runs horizontally between the (more or less) straight arms and through a metal noodle that then proceeds to the lever. So, if you could provide a better description of the brake, or even just supply the name and model of the bike it will be much easier to help you out. It might be adviseable that you take a trip to your local bike shop since goofing up your brakes can mean injury or painful death.

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