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plans for free platform bed?

plans for free queen platform bed


Really you don't need any DIY plans. I made three beds for the family - a twin bed, two single beds. If you can afford cut-to- size sawn timber the work load is easirer. First you will have to decide on the exact sizes, make a frame, set in the cross timber which makes the sleeping area or lay a sheet of plywwood cut to size to fit the frame you have made.If you want a bedhead, this is the time to add it on, so with the tail piece. Or if you don't need the bedhead, the task is even simpler. Just firt on the legs firmly in place and you have your bed sans the mattress. In my case I crafted the twin bed so that it housed a linen cupboard under with pull-out drawers. For the childred I had the drawers set in such a way that it provided a suitable housing to hold their shoes, polishing materials, etc.,
Platform beds are fairly simple, but not free and they have to be strong. If you don't have enough wood working experience to make one without plans you probably should have professional guidance, or buy one already made. You won't save much doing it yourself anyway.

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