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I've decided to face the facts and realize I have a full-blown addiction. Now I've made the chose to abstain from this activity for my families' sake and my own. I know I'm no saint, but I just want to hear a few nice comments to keep me on this road and inspire me! Thanks for taking the time to encourage me to stay sane and healthy! Sierra


It is permissible to use on a vehicle tires with protuberances consisting of tungsten carbide studs during the periods of October fifteenth through December thirty-first and January first through March thirty-first of each year if the tungsten carbide studs shall not project beyond the tread of the traction surface of the tire more than 0.050 inches; but tires bearing these tungsten carbide studs shall not be used at any time on a vehicle with a maximum gross weight in excess of 9,000 pounds unless the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or school bus, an emergency vehicle or scholl bus being allowed to use tires bearing these studs during these periods.
Studded tires are authorized October 15 - April 15. Chains are only allowed on roads when signs say they are permitted.
1) Check if you're setting the alarm correctly by reading user's manual. 2) Get a different kind of alarm if this one does not work for you. 3) Get an additional alarm to make sure.

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