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possible 3rd degree rug burn?

I got a rug burn on my toe Monday and not quite sure how to treat it. When I looked up how to treat rug burns, every site said that they were like 1st degree burns or a sunburn and should be pretty much treated the same way. However mine is open and for the first few days, was leaking pus and a clear liquid. It hasn't healed up yet and I have been treating it as a cut. It fizzes when peroxide is applied but today didn't do it as much (and hurts much less). Am I doing the right thing? Also is there a cool trick to get a band aid to stay on my toe? The burn is at the joint that is the foot equivalent of a knuckle.


You cannot get a third degree rug burn. Third degree burns are full thickness: all the layers of skin and into the muscle is burned. You have a 1st degree burn. An open burn, yes, but still first degree. You scraped off a layer or two of skin, which is why it was leaking plasma. Stop using peroxide as that is often too harsh and causes more damage as it will kill the regenerating cells. Stick with a simple antibacterial cream or ointment and bandage it. If band-aids won't say on, buy some gauze pads and medical tape.
Aug 23, 2017
If it is getting better than you are doing the right thing. The trick to the band aid, would be to get a longer one, so that it will go all the way around your toe and stick to itself. Measure it before you take those tabs off to make sure it is long enuff.
Aug 23, 2017
Use Aloe Vera gel. It will help it to heal faster. Keep it around, it's great stuff. Or you can buy an Aloe plant and cut a leaf and rub the gel on.
Aug 23, 2017

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