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Product to maintain/clean Jeep plastic windows?

Hello all, for several years I have been having to buy replacement Jeep soft top (plastic) windows to replace the scratched ones. The last couple of times I have been fairly careful in not scratching them but I have noticed that even without scratches there seems to be some type of buildup that prevents it from looking clear and shinny as when they are new. I have tried using all sorts of soft soaps and even dish washing soap thinking it would take the build up off. Well, not luck. Here is my question, does anyone know of a product that they have actually used to keep Jeep soft top windows looking shiny and clear? Thanks,


i think of the plastic residing house windows suck particular you may desire to purchase new doors for it that have residing house windows that are glass. you may desire to look in a junkyard for a good cost. playstation I actually have a ninety seven Jeep Wrangler with glass residing house windows it is a sturdy motor vehicle my 4cyl gets like 18-19 mpg especially situations even 20 and its a beast offroad. heavily it does whats its suppost to off street.
Meguiars Plastx They also have a headlight restoration kit its made for headlights, but can use on anything plastic it includes plastx buffer that attaches to a home drill and microfiber towel

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