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Quick question about laser hair removal on the face?

I just got back home from getting it done (it's my 1st session) and everything went fine but I got a little concerned during the procedure about one thing. I had this thing put over my eyes obviously to cover them from the laser, but I could still see a huge red flash from the laser every time. It was super bright and I'm wondering is it possible for the laser to actually blind you if it happened to be too bright for your eyes? I got a bit freaked out and paranoid about that, and I'm kind of worried about getting it done the next 6 sessions because I don't want to end up damaging my eyes and possibly going blind just because I want some hair removed.


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Somewhere in the town or city government offices is an office to whom this should be reported. Start with the health department. Perhaps she should pay for you to be in a motel until your apartment is back to normal.
When it beeps when you unplug it that is because there is an internal battery that is telling you that the power went out. There should be an off switch inside - turn that off to stop the beeping. The other option is to pull out the internal battery when you unplug it.
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