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rattling when I turn ?

I hear a rattle in my car when I make a left turn, what is it ?


Depends on what kind of workplace it is. Safety firstsecond, third, and fourth. Work safe, be safe. I'd rather be safe at work than safe on first. Dunnoit would really help to know the type of work you do there. Update: Thanks for the info on where you work. Clothes make the man, but workplace safety keeps him healthy. SEATBELTS for car safety; YOU for workplace safety. Only YOU can prevent workplace hazards. - Clumsy the Bear Sorry, I'm really tired and that was the best I could do tonight.
Just plain old Latex medical examination Gloves would, but in order to prevent a Zacto knife from penitrating the only thin and flexible thing that could prevent that would be a Fillet Glove made out of kevlar fibers but i must Stress that it would not be Non Conductive!

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