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Relay model 943-1C-5DS, 5 feet, use, wiring diagram

To control a motor, when the motor drive the link to a place to let the motor stop, ask the relay schematic diagram of what kind of? how to use? Thank you master guiding!


Pentagon relay use and wiring diagram: Three feet on the side of the middle of the output pin is the common terminal, the other two pins are the coil, that is, then drive the end The other two feet are open and normally closed contact.
May 9, 2017
As shown below: A, B feet drive circuit side To control the circuit connected to one foot and 2 feet or 3 feet (3 feet normally closed, 2 feet normally open) Turn left to turn right The following figure did not connect the left 6V drive when the spring piece closed to 3 feet, connected to the 6V drive was sucked to 2 feet, 1,2 feet turn on the motor to turn up.
May 9, 2017
Here are three rows from the left to one, one. Coil 2. moving contact 3. coil. If the motor power supply and the relay power supply the same voltage, the power positive through the relay normally open contact connected to the motor, the power positive and connecting the trigger switch normally closed, then connected to the relay Relay open contact (self-protection), then coil, and finally the power supply positive and connect a normally open button as a start button and before the coil
May 9, 2017

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