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Reusing axle/spindle nut?

My grandfathers 2006 Buick Lacrosse failed inspection for a hub bearing yesterday. I have the hub assembly but it didn‘t come with the spindle nut. I checked napa, a couple of dealerships and advanced auto, AA is the only place that has it. I ordered it and called this morning but the warehouse sent a note saying they couldn‘t find it. It is wednesday and the vehicle has to be fixed by Friday so my grandfather can get to work. I was wondering if I could reuse the spindle nut until a new one can be ordered.


No. Absolutely not. If you do it will need to be replaced ASAP, it should not be used as a permanent fix. Axle lock nuts lose there torque value after they have been used once. Eventually it will vibrate itself off the axle stub. This is because they have tons of load on them, they have engine load from direct drive on them, they have the weight of the car when turning that forces them outward but they resist, and they also have a majority of the car's weight when breaking because 80% of braking happens in the front. All of these factors put an extreme amount of stress on them, so after they are removed, they will never hold the same strength again as they did before, and need to be replaced.
May 28, 2018
not cautioned: reason- the nylon (plastic) insert is designed as a one-time-use in simple terms. in simple terms removing the nuts will smash the nylon and turn the nut right into a typical one. the clarification why a Nylock replaced into used replaced into with the aid of vibrations at that region. Threadlocker is effective at combating loosening however the nut/ bolt could be sparkling of ALL airborne dirt and dust, oil and rust. an impossibility as a effect for this reason the threadlocker won't carry
May 28, 2018
Unless damaged there is no reason to not use the old nut. What you cannot reuse is the cotter pin that locks it.
May 28, 2018

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