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Rubber rollers for belt furnace?

Can rubber or resin coated rollers be used?


Yes they help, even when alarms go off on the same car, people still look. I live in a very beautiful complex, with aw some cars, Believe you me we have neighborhood watch. But the real Pros's know how to get a car if they really want it.
Car alarms do not deter professional car thieves, because most people are so used to hearing car alarms go off, that no one looks out the window to see what is going on. If you want to protect your vehicle get a tracking device, however, that is not always fool proof either.
Fire Zones are the areas most likely from where the fire starts. For designing purpose, the five zones which will require maximum water are used for calculations/designing.
Are you asking about car *jacking*, where a car is stolen (usually at knife or gunpoint) while the occupants are in it or entering/exiting, or car *theft*, which usually occurs while the car is parked. An alarm won't deter car jackers much or at all, since the alarm is disabled when you're in the car. Most cars, even those without alarms, have panic buttons that you can set off if you're being carjacked, so the alarm itself makes little difference. As far as thieves, as others pointed out, alarms do have a deterrent effect, since most thieves prefer not to be noticed. Not that they'll stop a determined thief that wants *your* car, but they will deter most people just looking for *some* car to steal.
This is a really great question, and I wish I could point out a study to check out. However, I am in the security industry, so I'd like to consider myself an expert. According to the FBI every 3.1 seconds a property crime occurs, and every 25.5 seconds some one gets their car stolen. That's powerfull. A burglar's worse fear is to be caught. Therefore, if you were a burglar, would you rather break into a car that was silent or one that was making a crap load of noise? Logically, this makes sense. Personally, I'd rather have something than nothing.

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