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Sandy Bridge integrated graphics + a high-end GPU?

No one knows about Sandy Bridge, but this is a question centered more around quot;What is integrated graphics?quot; Will a good integrated graphics chip make a huge difference when I'm going to equip my mobo with a 5970?


integrated graphics describes a video solution where the Gpu is built into the motherboard and depends on a portion so system RAM for its frame bufferan integrated video chip cannot be upgraded and is generally limited in terms of performancethere are motherboards based on both Nvidia or Ati onboard Gpu's that will allow the integrated graphics to be combined with specific add-in cards , known as hybrid SLI or hybrid crossfirehaving built several machines that utilized this feature, the performance increase was marginaldepending on the configuration of your machine, the 5970 will perform very well for you in all but the most extreme settingsAs far as the SB being showcased playing Starcraft, the systemwould'vee been configured perfectly for that specific purpose, resolution, texture size, no AA or Ansiotropic filtering or whatever settingswould'vee allowed it to performthe point is to show where Intel is going with future processors, as the SB has the Gpu integrated into the core of the processor, not integrated onto the motherboardSB will mostly be utilized where size and heat are of most concern, typically laptops and netbooks.

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