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Science Lab Equipment??

i need to know what each of these lab equipment are used for:1.Flask 2. beaker 3. graduated cylinder 4.eye dropper 5. cork/rubber stopper 6. test tube 7. test tube rack 8. test tube clamp 9. test tube brush 10. hand lens 11. petri dish 12. safety goggles 13. forceps 14. triple beam balace 15.funnel And also its asks on my sheet to draw a diagram of each of these do they mean just a drawing of what they do?? well Thanks in Advance ^^


In my country, no law prohibits you from accepting employment that has conditions such as wearing a safety vest on the way to work.
Only if you are already on the wessle, Mr. Chekov. lol Yes the employer can. Be thankful. Some employers ask for you to give them oral off the clock. Wearing a vest sounds menial.
buzzy neighbor! generally street is not part of property ,unless they block the drive way on your property ,which you can call city traffic to tow the blocking car in owner expenses .By the rule they can park in street with 3 feet off from the section for safety of passage and visuality for intercross auto. Trespassing is when they use your parking space or block your parking space and drive way .
there are NUMEROUS jobs that require you to be in uniform before clocking in cops do it, doctors do it, etc. so yes, an employer can require you to wear you safety vest before you are on the clock. because the second you are ON the clock what makes you think you have 5 minutes to change? policy CAN apply after or before work hours. edit: there is no need to clarify.. we get your question. it doenst matter if you are off the clock on the public street or not. if your employer wants you to wear your vest, you do it. you dont question policy unless you want to lose your job edit: naw i got it. and yes doctors do do this (im talking scrubs which is uniform), actually, at least they do at the hospital that i work at (hence making that comment) i ALSO have a cop friend who gets ready and is IN his uniform before he leaves his house (before he clocks in) so yes, i do know about those two things. the answer remains the same. I also work in HR so yes i do know that an employer has the right to dictate this sort of rule. youre right, this question was very simple, but this simple answer does not seem to be getting through to you. the simple answer to a simple question is yes.
If you are on their property.

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