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Should I get blue curtains or a blue rug?

We want our living room to be black and blue. Right now, we have a black leather couch with blue throws on it and we need curtains and an area rug. I wanted a neutral rug with a little blue and blue curtains, but I cannot find any rug that fits that description and I have looked at millions of rugs. I am thinking I should just settle for a plain blue rug and get a neutral curtain. My husband thinks we could get a blue rug and blue curtains, but I think that is way too much blue for one room. What should I do?


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Aug 23, 2017
I agree, that would be too much blue. Pick a third color to introduce into the color scheme and search for rugs that include all three colors and maybe one additional color if it's not too over powering. You want the rug to bring the whole room together. Too much of one solid color will make the room lack opposition and contrast. Therefore, it won't be too visually appealing and it will take away from creating a cozy atmosphere. Do you want the room to have more contemporary or traditional elements? Research the rugs, according to that too. I would base the color/design of the curtains on the rug you choose and also, on the height of the ceiling and color of the walls etc. Good luck, Im sure the room will be beautiful :)
Aug 23, 2017
look for curtains with black and blue in it, get a rug with several shades of blue
Aug 23, 2017
Well: Go with the BLUE !!! I LOVE BLUE TOO !!! I mostly like GOLD to go with blue !!! MOST of the time !!! No`matter what !! Try getting just the right shade of blue to go with each shade of: G O L D !!!! not red to sub for gold in some or certain instances !! i guess if you do'nt mind ORANGE or YELLOW has been called gold in certain situations !!!.... I lost concentration !!! I' just better stop now !!! G/L~!!! r R r
Aug 23, 2017

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