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Should we look at the embassy attack as a speed bump towards global peace efforts?

People are tired of the fighting. Its a handful of people destroying a world of people who obey natural human law. Not just Islamic terrorist groups, all terrorist groups. They force us to be violent by exposing us to violence, and they understand this.If we fall victim to their violence they win. This is the goal of terrorist cells. They make us wonder why try to help them, but because of America, and the support of many other nations in the world, there are billions of islamic people living outside the grip of evil rulers, and those islamic people understand this. They want democracy and the freedom from oppression, just like you and I.


What anyone else does is COMPLETELY irrelevant. If YOU broke the rules and YOU got fired, then oh wellthat is YOUR fault. Just because everyone else is not getting fired does not mean that you are entitled to keep your job. Do you think that EVERY employee who has EVER stolen from an employer has been fired? Of course not, only those who got CAUGHT get fired. You got caught breaking the rules, you got fired. Take responsibility for YOUR actions. No one put a gun to your head.
In general, it's fine. It's really hard to say, your flue may not handle that kind of heat. Charcoal heats a lot more than standard wood. Do you have some green wood you want to burn? Anyway, your flue lining and refractory will determine if it's ok or not. Call a chimney sweep. One fine point about another answer, charcoal IS NOT coal.

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