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so what does it mean when i dream of fire?

so i had a dream about fire about 4 days ago. im not sure of all the details cuz i barley remember my dreams and i RARELY dream. [like once every 3 months] but last night i had the EXACT same dream from 4 days ago. so i remember a lot of fire like all over the place; and i was just witnessing the fire. uhm a bunch of people were in the fire. one of them being this guy im like totally cray about. i think i woke up before anyone died. i know that dreams only mean stuff to the person who dreamt it, but id like to hear any other thoughts? no i wasnt overheated in my blankets or anything jeez ;p thanks to ppl who help


well you can pull the head liner. the use a body hammer and dolly to work most of the dents so you have to use very little body filler .. body filler use right is safe and will last years with out any problems you may also use a spot stud gun to pull some of those dents. Ps. I like astro vans .. if i could find a good deal on on i would buy one .. they are cool with wheels, body kit with about 4 in drop.. i have seen some very nice astro's .. I would not mind building one for football season and road trips .
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