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stock toyota 4x4 axles?

how big can i go on my tires on a stock toyota axle on an 88 4runner without snapping it


There are a lot of variables such as will it see tough trail duty and how your driving style is and which gears you are running and if you have lockers. Toyota axles are pretty stout, especially the rear axleit's a semi-float with an 8 carrier and 32-spline shafts. It'll hold up to V-8 power without a problem. The weakest link is probably going to be your front ball joints. They are weakest when the front tires are turned to the side so avoid lots of torque when the steering wheel's cranked. You should be able to reliably run 37 tires with the stock running gear. If it's just a street show truck, you could put 44 tires on the stock axles. People have 4-wheeled with 44's on the stock axles and never broken anything. Others have broken axles with 31 tires on the street. So anything can happen. I'd say as long as you stay under 38's and don't dump the clutch in low-range, you should be fine. Happy wheelin'
May 28, 2018
Depends are you going to off road it if so what type of wheeling if you are hard core stay under a 33 seen lots of 35 break stock berfields had to upgrade to a longfields
May 28, 2018

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