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Strange new smell coming from new aftermarket exhaust?

I have an 07 Subaru wrx and I just put on an aftermarket exhaust. I just noticed that when I first start the car there is more smoke than usual and the exhaust smells different. it‘s hard to explain but it‘s not burning oil or anything. it‘s like a richer smell of exhaust or I‘m not sure. can someone explain?


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What do you mean by aftermarket exhaust? There are a lot of parts to the exhaust, and lots of different options. Are you talking about the mufflers? Full catback? Downpipe (catless or catted)? Up pipe? Headers? If you got a catless downpipe, that's why your car smells now. No cat your exhaust stinks and pollutes a lot more.
It could be a number of things, but I'm going to lean with the idea of there being more fuel in the exhaust line than normal. The o2 sensor could be reading differently and sending different signals back to the engine as well. But it could very easily just be the smell of whatever your exhaust was treated with burning off.
Exhaust systems often have a protective coating applied to them, so that they don't rust after they are built and to facilitate in making them. For the first couple hundred miles, you might notice small whisps of smoke and odd smells coming from it, as the 1400+ degree exhaust burns off that coating. That's normal. It's just leftover residues from manufacturing and storage. Once it burns off, (and it can also be a little leftover fiberglass matting from the muffler that you smell), that will all go away.

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