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Success with bedwetting alarm?

My son is six and a half and wets the bed. It's really no big deal to me but he is starting to get self concious about it. We are going to try the bedwetting alarm, and wondering what other people's experience was with it. Thanks!


Most smoke detectors work by particles of smoke breaking a beam which triggers the alarm. Dust can also trigger it. It sounds like dust being stirred up when the heater comes on is causing this. If you can get to the smoke detector you may be able to blow it out with an air can and get rid of any dust that is lodged in the detector. And if you can't if you leave your heater running for a while this problem should go away by itself anyway. Good luck and hope this helps.
If you use a desktop computer, there are two places which have numbers on the keyboard. One is on the top of the keyboards which are ordering in row like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0, and the other one is on the right hand side. If you turn on the num lock you can use the number keys on the right hand side, but if you don't turn it on you can't use it (but it doesn't matter on the number keys which are on the top of the keyboard.

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