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The Rain. Do you love it or do you hate it?

Me, I like it. I like the Fall/Winter rather than Spring/Summer. Spring time: Allergies, AthesmaSummer time: Very hot weather, power outages


I sort of lost track of during what time period this all took place in. Hopefully it wasn't too long ago or else you might have the statute of limitations against you. As far as suing for rent, assuming that you can document with tangible proof all the times that you contacted the landlord and show photographic evidence of the damage that was done to the apartment due to the landlord's negligence, you might be able to get some sort of reward. Make sure you can show that the damage was due to no cause of your own. In some states, depending on the grievance, tenants can receive up to treble (3 times) the amount of rent!! At least try to collect your security deposit and the phony damage collections if you don't get anything else because you are owed that. It would also be great to prove to the court the possible health related injuries your family (you have two young children) could have faced (mold from the water damage, etc.) Courts tend to favor tenants with small children. Try and get the plumber to testify on your behalf the damage he witnessed, give his professional advice, etc.
if its a short musical its okay. If its something you want on broadway it needs alotta work. Its better you hear peoples views first so it was smart to ask on here. What i say isn't supposed to be mean just what ithink aboutt it. first of all i personally don't like the second scene it sounds too fake The teacher sounds very fake and the dancing secnee really amateurishh. Also the tv guy should be not the boaring video but the exciting video hes trying to talk to his aduience. You should really add more to the brad and baily thing and make dj more mean and sluty. She took her boyfriend so shes not just scartastic she should be a mean whore. you should also add on to the girl it the conner. Shes just left out of everthing. if its a a drama kinda thing that girl should be picked on and she ends up killing someone in the end. i think how she should go is that she is always left out and always sad and people pick on her for no reason. Just never let her seem like she has anger make her seem sad. Let her get caught too. Horror plays where they don't get caught are mostly dumb. That can add up susspence. Add more to it and re-post it. If you want then i could telll you more

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