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The rigid plastic can not be cut with an engraving machine,

and it is easy to break the knife, and the processing speed is not fast


Engraving machine can be used, the knife does not use too thin, for special-shaped parts must be faster than manual
Performance parameter:The performance index M-1325 double engraving machineX, Y axis travel 1300 * 2500mmZ process axis line 150mmFlat Taiwan ruler inch 1440 * 3000mmThe maximum operating speed 17m/minThe maximum speed 1-15m/min engravingThe resolution 0.01mm0.05mm repeatabilityFeeding height 150mmG *.u00*.mmg*.plt command codePower (not including spindle) 1340wThe working voltage of AC220V/50HzSpindle power 2.2KW/3KWThe spindle speed 24000rpm/minWork step Steper
Product description of Nakayama Ami engraving machine:Performance characteristics:Two heads can be processed at the same time, can also be used alone, two times more efficient than a single machine head.Application: woodworking industry: as long as suitable for hardwood carved reliefs, mahogany antique furniture and antique furniture carving, wood carving, gift boxes, jewelry boxes and other products such as rosewood, inkstone head carving art processing, decorative carving, carving fine jewelry. Advertising industry: suitable for signs and mould, processing a variety of patterns such as rich and colorful: our brand, building models, badges, badges, nameplate, panels, logo, numbers, signs, decoration, furniture and decoration etc..

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