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Tools for Dismounting motorcycle Tires??? HELP!?

ive been riding street and canyons for a long time and ive gotten tired of having to pay someone to mount and dismount my tires. i saw on youtube a guy doing it with 2 paddle like tools and seemed pretty easy. anyone know where i can buy such tools?? thanks


Even Harbor Freight sells tire changing tools. The problem comes in when the tire has been on the bike for a couple of years and the sidewalls are stiff and the bead doesn't break easily and oh I could go on and on. New tires are easy, the rubber is soft and pliable. Then of course there is the balancing issue. I prefer mine to be electronically balanced as it makes a better balance than static balancing. But that is a personal choice.
well if you are going for hp,they both will be good,but what most people do not understand is that if you do not get your air to fuel mix calibrated back to 14.7 parts air to fuel then you will decrease your hp.you can put one on and not calibrate it to get a bit better fuel mileage but you will be running lean and that will probably in turn damage your engine.running lean means running hotter.
Standard tools should be good enough.The only tools you'll need are tire tools and a bead breaker.Sometimes you don't even need the breaker.I have a giant vice i use as a bead breaker.
any tire suppler will have them such as American Tire dist. Tire Rack , Kauffman Tire Dist . all the wholesale places. all else fails stop you local Tool Truck guy such as Snap on or Matco. they can order them for you they are known as spoons and good luck the more you practice the easier it gets , eventually you will be able to do it with big flathead screw drivers
Neither. Save your money. If your looking for power or MPG improvement, you have to get into the engine. $3000.00 Should get you want your looking for in power. A Honda can get you the MPG. Take care!

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